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Conservation of Angular Momentum

States: If a spinning object brakes apart in a frictionless environment all the objects spin the same way.
Thought: If the "Big Bang" were true, shouldn't all the planets and moons be spinning in the same direction? According to the Astronomical Almanac for the year 1989, 8 of 91 moons rotate backward. Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune have moons orbiting in both directions. So for the "Big Bang" to be scientific, it would once again have to violate a scientific law. According to the Bible, the earth was created on day one. This could lead one to ask "so when were the other planets made?" The word planet means "wandering star", and in Genesis 1:16 it states: "he made the stars also". So the other planets were made on day 4 and they are spinning in the direction GOD intended them to. The heavens truly declare the glory of God. PRAISE THE LORD!

Scripture Reference: Genesis 1:1; Genesis 1:14-19

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