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To schedule a Creation Seminar or just to ask a question please contact
Creation Speaker / Teacher Silas Gibson
Defending the Biblical Account of Creation!

Silas Gibson Address:
1320 Poor Valley Road
Rogersville, Tennessee 37857

Cell Phone: 1-423-921-4154


Creation Seminar Title A Description of the Seminar
The Heavens Declare A Biblical look at our universe.
The Six Days Of Creation A review of Genesis Chapter One
Evidence Of A Young Earth How old is the earth? Origins of the old earth theory
Science Falsely So Called A look at evolutionary hoaxes & frauds
Taking Back Science A look at what is being taught in science class
Dinosaurs What does the Bible say about dinosaurs? Did man & dinosaurs co-exist?
The Fool Hath Said In His Heart Several infallible proofs for the existence of God
The Flood A review of the flood found in Genesis 6-9
We The People Was our country founded on Christian principles?

Creation Speaker / Teacher Silas Gibson's Creation Seminar Engagements
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