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Macro Evolution

Changing from one kind (species) into a completely different kind (species).
Thoughts: No one has ever seen an animal produce a different kind or species of animal. Some evolutionists will bring up "transitional fossils". OK, why would you expect a bone in the dirt to do something that animals today cannot do? If animals can produce something other than their kind, let's do it again, and let's observe it this time. How come dogs only produce dogs? There are a variety of dogs, I agree, but a dog will always bring forth a dog. The King James Bible states in Genesis 1, that animals (and fruit) will bring forth after their kind. What if you were a corn farmer and your whole livelihood was staked on raising corn? You planted corn, then when harvest time came, you had watermelons on your corn stalks. You would be ruined. Now you are probably thinking, that's silly, you will never get watermelons on a corn stalk. My point exactly! Real simple, when you plant corn, corn comes up! Charles Darwin stated in his book The Origin of Species: "It is a truly wonderful fact... that all animals and all plants throughout all time and space should be related to each other..." Do you really believe your dog is related to a banana? Once again science is on the side of the Scriptures.

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