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The consistent biblical creationist is one who worldview is based on the Bible! (The WORD OF GOD is his or her ultimate standard!)

The Creationist believes that an all-powerful (Matthew 19:26), all-knowing (Colossians 2:3), triune (Isaiah 45.5; John 8:18) God created the universe in six ordinary days (Exodus 20:11) thousands, not billions, of years ago (based on the genealogies such as Genesis 5:4-32).

Today, God upholds the universe by His sustaining power (Hebrews 1:3) in a logical way and consistent way that we call "laws of nature" or "laws of science" (Jeremiah 33:25). The method by which God created the universe in not the same method by which he sustains it; God ended His work of creation by the seventh day (Genesis 2:2).

The world was a paradise when it was created (Genesis 1:31; Deuteronomy 32:4). The first man, Adam, was given charge over all creation (Genesis 1:28, 2:15). Adam rebelled against the Lord (Genesis 3:6). As a result God cursed His creation (Genesis 3:14-19), which is now why we have death and suffering in the world (Romans 5:12, 8:21-22).

Since all humans today are descended from Adam (Acts 17:26), we all have sin nature, and we too rebel against God - disobeying his commandments. Like Adam, we deserve death and eternal separation from God. In Christian theology, this is why God became man (John 1:14) and died on a cross. Jesus took our place as an act of mercy and offered forgiveness for all who receive Him as Lord (Romans 10:9-10).

God created the original animals and plants "after their kind" (Genesis 1:11,21,25). There are variations within the kinds but the variations have limits. God once flooded the entire earth in response to man's wickedness (Genesis 6-9) but spared 8 people in response to Noah's obedience and preserved them and the animal kinds by an ark (Genesis 6:19).

Creationists believe that most of the fossils found on earth today are a result of this global Flood.

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