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There is no single "evolution worldview" to summarize. Here is a basic summary: Evolutionist reject the straightforward record of Genesis.
The ultimate standard for an evolutionist varies from person to person (relativism), but they do have one standard: naturalism. The belief that nature is all there is or empiricism (the idea that all knowledge is gained by observations).

As a result, evolutionists believe that the universe is billions of years old. It originated in a big bang-a rapid expansion of space, time and energy from a single infinitesimally small point. Energy became matter, which condensed into stars and galaxies. Stars made the heavier elements, some of which condensed to become planets.

Our solar system in particular was formed 4.5 billion years ago from a collapsing gas cloud. The stars, galaxies, and planets are all the result of natural laws working over vast amounts of time. On earth, certain chemicals came together to form the first self-replicating cell, which produced life as we know it today. So all life is the result of the laws of nature acting over time (naturalism).

A god is not necessary for the process, though some evolutionist do believe in God or at least a god. According to evolutionists, there has not been a global Flood. Rather, the fossils were supposedly laid down over hundreds of millions of years of gradual processes (uniformitarianism).

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