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Quotes On Astronomy

"Why for instance is our universe and its laws just right for the existence of life? Some argue that it is because it was specially made for us by a benevolent creator." Evolutionist Dr. Robert Matthews, University of Aston, "The Cosmos Next Door" Focus, 2003, p. 63

"Astronomy leads us to a unique event, a universe that was created out of nothing and delicately balanced to provide exactly the conditions required to support life. In the absence of an absurdly improbable accident, the observations of modern science seem to suggest an underlying, one might say, supernatural plan." Physicist Arno Penzias, quoted by D.L. Brock, "Our Universe: Accident of Design", (Wits, S.Africa: Star Watch, 1992), p. 42

"Talk about a major embarrassment for planetary scientists. There, blazing away in the late evening sky are Jupiter and Saturn - the gas Giants that account for 93% of the Solar System Planetary Mass - and no one has a satisfying explanation of how they were made." Robert A Kerr, "A Quickie Birth for Jupiters and Saturns", Science Vol. 298, November 2002, pp. 1698-1699

"Jupiter is the largest of all the Planets. But results in Nature now reveal the embarrassing fact that we know next to nothing about how or where it formed." Philip Ball, "Giant Mistake", Nature Science Update, November 18, 1999

"The truth is that we don't understand star formation at a fundamental level." Abraham Loeb, (Harvard Center for Astrophysics), quoted by Marcus Shown, "Let there be Light", New Scientist, February 7, 1988

"Despite numerous efforts, we have yet to directly observe the process of stellar formation... The origin of stars represents one of the fundamental unsolved problems of contemporary astrophysics." Astronomers Charles Lada and Frank Shu, "The Formation of Sunlike Stars," Science, 1990, p. 572

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